Asa Boy, Web Designer, Avid Angler, Paltry Philosopher

Asa Boy, Web Designer, Avid Angler, Paltry Philosopher

Greetings and welcome to my small tract of the internet. Currently the wilds of content are sparsely populated hereabouts, but I am working diligently to flesh everything out with savory meat.

Our first order of business is to discuss the name and purpose of this site. Aside from the nice ring to it, Various Nefariousness simply refers to the numerous topics (inanities) I will ponder, and design pieces (amateurish messes) I will create. It shall be a means of personal outlet and artistic expression. Yes I can hear the groans. Not another self-indulgent rant-space, the bastard offspring of mass mating twixt readily available digital real estate and a glut of pretension to insightfulness. Nail on the head my friend, nail on the head..

I imagine that most who eventually find their way here will be friends, family, or potential employers. With this in mind I would so saturate this nebulous extension of my ego with crotchety vagaries and underwhelming art as to alienate, disgust and all around assure that I will never find work nor companionship. At that point at least I will still have this mewling babe of the aforementioned coupling, and what better can one aspire to have?

Now that I have thinned down my readership, I will let on that I will mostly discuss subjects I actually have strong feelings about: video games, outdoor pursuits, and design. Yes, I am banking on pretentious, couch-ridden fishermen-Apple users to come out of the woodwork to suckle at this teat of misinformation and pretty color.

Ahh yes, also I offer my services of graphic/web design and photo restoration to those who are in dire need, or on a budget.